Surgery and Dentistry

Sometimes, surgery is necessary to treat a health problem in a beloved animal family member. Robinson Animal Hospital understands the importance of your pets and takes every surgery, whether minor or major, seriously. We believe in appropriate anesthesia, careful monitoring, and precision in surgical procedures.

By administering the appropriate amount of anesthesia, our veterinarians and staff ensure that pain control is achieved, while not extending the surgical time unnecessarily. With careful monitoring during procedures, we recognize problems early and can take steps to correct them immediately. Our veterinary surgeons are well-trained and have years of experience, allowing procedures to be exact and expedient. Our Post-Surgery Laser Therapy will reduce pain,reduce inflammation and speed healing.

In addition to routine surgeries, such as spays and neuters, declawing, and tail docking, our veterinarians are experienced in emergency surgeries, such as gastrointestinal foreign body removal, treatment of gastric dilatation and volvulus, limb amputation, splenectomy, Caesarian section, and much more.

Dogs and cats often develop dental problems as they age. Robinson Animal Hospital takes special interest in dental procedures, including routine cleaning and extraction of teeth. We offer dental radiology to help determine the necessity of procedures and perform all dental work with the appropriate amount of pain control and careful monitoring.

In Clayton and the surrounding areas, you can trust your pets to the care of the veterinarians and staff at Robinson Animal Hospital for surgical and dental procedures. Please contact us for your appointment by calling 919-553-7173 or by filling out our online form.  We look forward to serving your family.