Pet Resources

Robinson Animal Hospital is committed to providing you with online resources to help you give your pet a great quality of life.

We've assembled some links to websites that can assist you in caring for your animal or possibly picking out your next pet.  Of course, any time we can assist you further, please contact us at 919-553-7173.

Pet Poison Hotline:  1-800-213-6680  This 24-hour animal poison control service aids pet owners and veterinary professionals in treating a potentially poisoned pet.  Note that there is a $39 per case fee that covers the initial consultation as well as follow-up calls associated with the case.  Payment is made by credit card.  The site also has lots of good background information about how to poison-proof your home.

USDA-APHIS  If your pet will be travelling outside the country, the US Department of Agriculture has an official Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website that provides health certificate and animal export requirements.  This agency is responsible for protecting animal health, animal welfare and plant health and has created this site as a valuable resource on importing and exporting animals.  It also has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of animal health topics.

Idexx Pet Health Network   Here's a great resource for pets and their people.  Veterinarians answer questions about pet care, health and behavior, plus dog and cat health tips, information on the range of care that is available for pets and a good venue for exchanging ideas, stories, pictures and more.

Dog Breed Information  Learn more about about the characteristics of a wide variety of dog breeds, compliments of the American Kennel Club.  You can sort by breed name, type of dog and even explore breeder referrals, classifieds and rescue listings.

Cat Breed Information  The Cat Fancier's Association's website is the world's largest registry of predigreed cats.  It has comprehensive online information about cat breeds, cat care and cat shows for your information and enjoyment.

American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA)  The AVMA website has plenty of resources on a number of topics, such as tips on how to select a pet and how to create an emergency preparedness plan for pets and the whole family.

Heartworm Information  The Amercian Heartworm Society's mission is to help pet owners and care professionals develop and implement effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent heartworm disease.  It's Pet Owner Resources section is filled with plenty of good tips.

CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People  This website, created by the Center for Disease Control, provides detailed information about the health-related risks of owning and caring for animals.  You can browse by animal or disease to learn more about illnesses that can be spread by pets in a household, as well as prevention tools to address them.

Pets & Parasites   The Companion Animal Parasite Council is committed to protecting pets and family members from parasites and zoonotic (pet-spread) illnesses.  This independent, non-profit organization's website includes a lot of information and advice on protecting pets from fleas, ticks, roundworms and other parasites.

We encourage you to bookmark the websites of interest to you.  Please be sure to let us know if there are other online resources that you have found especially valuable and we will add them to our list!