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Our Mission Statement

We are here for one reason: to serve our client families, your pets and our community. We are committed to providing the highest standard of veterinary care by combining modern medicine with our knowledge and experience to help you make the best decisions possible for your pet.  We love what we do, and our desire is to be a blessing to our patients and their families.

New Pet Owners!


Desi & Frankie will tell you what new pets need to help ensure that they and your family are happy & healthy.


~Molly's Family - The Pedley Family

Our family had to make a VERY difficult decision about our beloved pet, just two Mondays ago. We could've taken Molly "anywhere" on her last Sunday with us; however, we chose to spend our last day together, catering to our little girl's EVERY need, in the best way we knew how. When RAH opened the phone lines the next morning, I simply told Leeann "It's time." I didn't need to say anything else...Leeann just knew.

As we walked into Dr. Head's Office, with Molly cradled in our arms, we were greeted warmly by Leeann. From the waiting room, Morgan brought us back to an exam room, asked how we were doing, explained what to expect, and answered our questions. When Dr. Head entered the room there was a moment of silence, a feeling of comfort and empathy. I know this was not how he wished to start his day/week; however, I could just feel his heart breaking for us. After all, this was our Molly-girl...
I will not continue with details of what happened next; however, I'd just like to mention that the support Dr. Head and the staff provided to our family has gone UN-matched!

In this busy World we live in, seldom do I feel as though people, who deal with the public, actually take TIME to recognize people as Human Beings. I will be the first to admit: I'm guilty of being glued to technology. Reflecting for a moment, I've learned to appreciate the benefits of detaching myself from technology and practicing those good ol' social skills.

Reining in my tangent, back to Dr. Head and the RAH Staff, for a moment...
Aside from the reasonable rates, convenient location, and excellent care to our pet(s), our family has chosen RAH, for the following reasons:

-We appreciate being in the presence of other animal-lovers.
-We are treated respectfully.
-We are recognized as Human Beings, with feelings...not just as "pet-owners."

With a lighter (yet, still heavy-) heart, I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to Dr. Head and the Staff at RAH. Your genuine care and support helped our lil' family through a difficult time. Thank you.

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